Life Coaching

The word coach conjures up the imagine of a passionate individual who inspires and supports you to do your best. Whether it is a sports coach, a fitness coach, or a voice coach, this is a person who shares your goal of excellence, supports your vision and is invested in your success.

Whether we give them the official term coach, most of us have had at least one coach in our lives; some of us have had many. If the goal is a happy, successful and fulfilling life, enter the life coach. A life coach uses tools and techniques from a variety of disciplines, sociology, psychology, energy work, and career counseling, etc. to help you identify and achieve your personal goals. Sometimes those hiring a life coach, have a clear idea of what they want, but have been unable to achieve success.




More often, most people know more about what they don’t want than what they do. They are aware of what makes them unhappy, but not a clear vision of where their passions lie and what it would take for them to be truly happy, not just temporarily satisfied. Or perhaps they have a life-long dream which has been thwarted by self-imposed limiting beliefs which tell them they can’t possibly succeed.

A life coach is not a psychologist, counselor or therapist, but rather a guide. Someone to help you wade through all of the distractions to get to the heart of who you are put on this earth to be. And then guide you through the maze of limited beliefs and imagined fears to a place where you are inspired to become the very best version of YOU.

Anew You is all about shining the light of day on these limiting beliefs that have been lurking in your subconscious mind parading as truths. Anew You is not about recreating yourself, but rather looking at you and your life in a different way.

·         What if those limiting beliefs are NOT true?

·         How would that change the way you look at yourself?

·         How would that change the way you approach a new situation, a new opportunity, a new adventure?

·         What if you are terrific at managing money, making investments and wealth and abundance are just waiting for you?

·         What if, you do have a green thumb, an artistic bend, a knack for social engagement?

·         How would that change your life?

Let’s challenge those beliefs for what they are. Options. You have the option to choose to tap into the joy and laughter, that good place feeling and use the contrast in your life to guide you as to how to get there.

If you are ready to clear the clutter and create your next story based on new, empowering beliefs, contact me for a complimentary session.