Career Coaching

You may have been taught that “hard work and doing it on your own” are the keys to finding life, success, money, or happiness. In fact, most people believe they must sacrifice something to attain what they want. Some people sacrifice their health, their time to enjoy life, or their relationships.

None of this is necessary. You can have it all, but maybe not all right this minute! And, with life coaching, you’ll find you don’t have to sacrifice anything to get what you want. You may need to change a few things, true, but clients find they have more time with their families and friends, more money, more opportunity, more balance in their lives and are more successful at work when they work with a life coach.


Athletes, performers, CEOs and presidents know that they can’t do it alone. They know they need a trained professional or even a team of experts to help them determine the best direction and to provide objective support and feedback. Without this, it is almost impossible to achieve excellence. No athlete would consider going to the Olympics without the support of a coach.

The extra edge the coach provides makes all the difference. Why shouldn’t you have this same advantage? What can you expect from a life coach?

• You start by identifying limiting beliefs which have affected your life and career decisions and replace them with beliefs that better serve your goals

• You identify your talents, goals and aspirations and create momentum towards achieving what you really want out of life.

• You learn tools techniques to deal with petty annoyances and negative beliefs and learn how to keep your vision right in front of you where it belongs.

• A life coach provides accountability and those who work with a life coach tend to take bigger actions, set bigger goals and think bigger because of the supportive relationship.

• A well-trained coach knows the difference between motivation which is external and pushing from behind, and inspiration which is internal and carries you forward.

When you are inspired to create your new life, mountains become molehills and each step forward enhances the kind of self-confidence you will have when you are the very best version of you. If you are ready to experience the balance, joy and abundance of a life well-lived life, contact me for a free introductory consultation.