Anew You began with a passion for helping others.  I have worked with people of all ages, backgrounds, experience, talents, dreams and goals.  Each person has a unique perspective on life, set of beliefs and learning style; so over the years I have acquired quite the tool box of techniques and tools.  I have decades of experience in personal, child and career development as a coach, parent, mentor, teacher and volunteer.

Anew You is not about changing yourself on the outside or recreating a whole new you, but rather discovering who you already are on the inside.  We’ll be dusting off the cobwebs, shining up that mirror, chopping down those old limiting beliefs and allowing the seeds of growth and promise to thrive.  We won’t be magically transforming dandelions to roses, or changing lead into gold, but rather transplanting, relocating and feeding that rose so it can flourish, and carefully removing the tarnish to reveal the true mettle beneath.

I believe we are all here to explore the boundaries of time and space.  Our destiny is to live our lives passionately, uncover and use our talents unencumbered, and to love and be loved equally.  Some of us have forgotten or lost sight of our life’s purpose.  Others are blocked by limiting beliefs that prevent us from living a life on purpose.  Through life coaching we work to reconnect you to your passions, dreams and  life’s purpose.

Does this sound like you?

·         I often feel that life is taking me for a ride.

·         I seem to always be responding to circumstances rather than creating opportunities.

·         I’m always “shoulding” on myself! I “should” do this, I “should” feel this, I “should” avoid this.

·         If I weren’t so afraid, I would do this, change this, try this…..

·         I know there is more to life than this.

·         So many choices, I don’t know where to begin.

·         Passion, you say, how do I find my passion in life.

·         All I want is to be happy.

My clients start from the center. By identifying their touchstone, their personal standard from which all decisions and actions flow, they learn how to:

·         Identify limiting beliefs and understand how they influence your perception of life experiences

·         Replace beliefs that do not serve them with positive, empowering beliefs

·         Use contrast to identify what they do want in life.

·         Build their own toolbox of techniques and skills to identify action steps towards their life goals, keep their emotional vibration in tune with their desires, surf the waves of contrast and deconstruct their message.

I have worked with life’s adventurers and entrepreneurs of different ages and personal circumstances. I can help you cut through the fog of frustration and eliminate those obstacles which are keeping you from becoming the best YOU, that you can be.

Has the road to your goals ended at “not young enough”, “not smart enough”, “not ready enough” one too many times?  Are you ready to untie those “nots”? Find out how we can work together to create the life you were meant to have.

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